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Water Aerobics 


Our Water Aerobics classes are a great way for you to get necessary Cardio and Core Strength Training in a way to alleviate pressure on the joints, back, knees etc etc

We focus much on strengthening the legs, core and postural muscles.

Clients have been attending our classes for years because they are constantly challenged and love the variety of exercises.

Struggling with Sleeping Problems get a good training session in the pool with the water massaging your body whilst destressing can assist with this. Weak Core, this is the best place to strengthen core without hurting oneself. Mobility Issues the water is the best place to feel free with ones movements and capabilities. 


Class times and days are Mornings on:

Tuesdays and Thursdays at 

7 AM

8h15 AM

9h30 AM

Costs are R400 per month 1 x a week

R600 per month 2 x a week 

R150 Yearly Registration Fee.

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