Injury Prevention Manual

How to use?

The best way to find the injury that you are looking for is to use the keyword "distortions" on the search tab.

A list of problem areas will appear for example, knee, shoulder etc.

From there you will need to use your own initiative to find the type of problems for either the shoulder or Knee or any other areas. (but a list will pop up of all the distortions you can get in the body with reasons why?)

Using the search key with the keyword "distortions" you will be able to move in the document much easier and find the problem areas in the body.

Knowing what injuries you have or muscles that need to be strengthened or stretched will speed up your recovery and will allow you to exercise with thought behind the exercises that you implement in your training regime. The document commonly refers to muscles that are tight, and therefore need to be stretched and muscles that need to be strengthened.

It goes even deeper and gives full Exercise Science behind which movement each muscle allows the body to make. For example (Flexion, Extenstion, Abduction, Abduction etc

I Laurie cannot take all the credit for this document what I have done is given you a way to use the document to make it practical for use by the lay-person. More information pertaining to this document, spreadsheet or manual can be found at



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