Hip Hop and Freestyle Dance Workshops

Bi weekly Hip Hop And Freestyle Dance Workshop and Party

  • The Workshops run on a Friday from 5h30 until 7pm every 2nd week.

  • I have very special lighting techniques done up for this class, with pretty colours etc.

  • Costs are R40 a session.

  • This class was initially started for the students that focus on the 1 hour 30 minutes Acrobatics or Jazz Dance Class in the week, to give them time to do another style of dance and to allow their parents not to worry about having to financially commit to every month.

  • Kids learn hip hop dance routines. Kids dance for the full 1hour 30 minutes.

  • Plenty of dances to learn for the night with the latest Pop Songs.

  • Hip Hop dance technique (Animation, Ticking, Wacking)  and