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The style of dance taught is Commercial Dance

Commercial Dance is a dance style that takes from many other dance disciples

(such as jazz, street, modern and hip hop) and is a combination of self expression, energy and performance.

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Acrobatic Tricks taught are based on our syllabus from Acrobatic Arts from Canada,

Technique and healthy biomechanics are of utmost importance working with this syllabus.

Acrobatic Tricks

Dance Tricks

Leaps, Kick, Jumps and Turns are considered Dance Tricks.

Displaying beautiful long lines showing flexibility and strength in the legs and core are considered dance tricks 

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Freedom of Movement / Choreography

Class Format / Structure

The last 15 minutes of class are set aside for Dancers (students) to simply just Dance and Express themselves and have fun.

Focusing on expression and quality of movement and the different textures put into a choreographed routine to create a visual piece of Performance Art.

A typical class is taught from a Functional Point of view of what a dancer needs as a whole they are: co-ordination / Strength / Flexibility / Tricks (Dance Tricks and Acrobatic Trick) / Freedom of Movement

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Meet Laurie

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 The Modern and Jazz Dancer

The Acrobate

I have done AFSA - Teachers Associate One.

Acrobatic Arts - Module Once and Handspring and Aerial Instructor Certification.

I have danced Professionally and used my Acrobatic Skills in all of thease Productions.

Sun City Extravaganza

Michael Jackson - Tribute Shows

Corporate work - Fire Dancing

Diamond Lils Casino


The Hip Hop & Street Jazz Dancer


Laurie the Group Exercise Instructor

I started working at the gyms in 2000 after doing a Diploma in Exercise Science and Body Conditioning.

SInce then I have studied further In house courses at Gyms:

Zen Pilates (Pilates and Yoga)

Nove (Pilates and Yoga)

Pilates through Trifocus

Water Aerobics


I have furthered my training in Injury Prevention through (Pinnacle Training Consulting Systems and gone into depth in my private capacity regarding advanced Yoga poses and the Science behind each poses.

My Water Aerobics classes excelled tremendously at the gyms as I am an avid lover of water and exercise and even went as far as getting my Learn to Swim Qualification through Swim Sa

I have trained at Waterfront Theatre School doing Ballet / Modern and Jazz Full time for two years.

I have achieved teachers in the AIDT Modern Teachers Syllabus.


Freestyle Teachers in IDTA.

I have been part of the Ballet and Modern Dance Fraternity since the age of 3. 

I have a talent and flare for Choreography that is different and visually appealing

I have done teachers in Freestyle Dance through the IDTA

I have learnt Body Popping Techniqes through Adrian Brambila

Break Dance through Barry Rabkin "Griz"

Street Jazz in my 2 years at Waterfront Theatre School in Cape Town

I have taught Hip Hop overseas in Canada for two years and locally for at least ten years in South Africa

I have won Best Choreography for a Hip Hop Routine in Canada

Commercial Dance through Kyle Hanagami well known choreographer for well known Pop Artists such as Jennifer Lopez, Black Pink  - The Art of Dance Course



Mondays - Saturdays

Mornings Aqua - from 8h30 Tues / Wed / Thurs

Afternoons Dance - from 13h00 








Water Aerobics at "I CAN SWim" Swim Facilities


Laurie's Story in Dance

Laurie Danced since a young age of 3 - Dancing was not just a hobby but a place of freedom and expression.


After being in the dance fraternity as a professional dancer. Laurie found she enjoyed teaching more, as it was a position in which she found she met young children with the same love and passion for dance and just wanted to learn and were quite impressionable.


Laurie teaches because she finds she is with a group of newbies to the dance world that have not lost the true essence of dance and this is what Laurie instills onto her students.

"If left on your own in your room and you wanted to not just dance but dance as a Professional, you would need to know Science of Movement" - this is the angle that Laurie teaches from.

The Science of Turning, The Science of Force and creating force with the body in order to Jump, to do Acrobatic Tumbling. 

 The Science of Correct Movement Mechanics to create long, beautiful lines with the body but with activation of correct muscles groups in order to do it effortlessly and in order to add more movement to it such as a Jump or a turn, and to be equipped in how to hold your body. 

This just scratches the first layer of Laurie's Dance teaching style because with all the Science of Dance and Movement which is education for your child, the True Essence of Dance will always and utmostly be a place where

Freedom of Expression is found.

A place where kids learn Confidence in acquiring new skills.

A place where kids learn how to work best with their body and its limitations.

Example some kids are less flexible but have such natural strength and power in their moves.


A place where Faith is born because the Unseen, Dreams and Visions of what a child wants to accomplish becomes a reality. 


Dance Team


R300 per month

1 x lesson a week 

R550 per month

2 x lesson a week

R750 per month

3 x lesson a week

R455 per month

Saturdays 90 min lesson a week

R150 Yearly Registration Fee

Break Dance


897 Florin Road


5 minutes from Clear Water