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Dance is a great way for you to let go of Trapped Emotions. 

 Dance allows one to express feelings and emotions in a combination of all aspects of Dance, (Music, Movement, the physiological  release of  toxins in the body through challenging Acrobatic Tricks for kids or the challenge of maintaining Creative Poses and Beautiful Lines, the Drama that goes hand in hand with a song, a move, a pose and the breathwork that either allows you to sing or pulls on the Calming Nervous System.

Find Emotional Regulation in the Creativity of the Arts and the Physical Challenge of Dance, Acrobatics Strength of holding a balance and Stretching. 

We also do Water Aerobics which is a wonderful traning alternative for the elderly and those with mobility issues. The water has many healing properties for mental health and physical health. 

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Whilst we are not Expressive Arts Therapists we try to focus on the facilitation of  the release of emotions through the Activity of Dance and all the Expressive components of Dance, Musical Theatre and the Physical Challenge of Acrobatics, Strength and Balance Training for Both Adults and Children alike

What is expressive arts therapy?

Expressive arts therapy is a multimodal holistic health intervention that mobilizes creative expression in the service of healing both mind and body. It is especially well suited to clients who lack the ability to articulate their inner world with words alone

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I had to get diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis to ask the necessary questions regarding my Health and How did I end up here. Answers like Trauma, Fight Flight Freeze Response. Dysregulation and Complex Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome come on research on what could have brought about such Dysfunction in my body.  It was through this study that I realized why I danced and why it was my life and then I realized why I never fitted into the Dance Fraternity and why it never made sense. as a Profession. It was because for me it was a place of escape it was a way of dealing with the emotions of Grief, Pain and Loss and it was a place that I found such joy and happiness. When I got involved with Dancing as a Career and Profession the essence of why I danced was lost and it took me getting diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis to start re-evaluating everything and it is through that that I find the real reason why I danced. Why I was an expressive emotional person and why the Arts pulled on me. This is what I teach now the true essence of what Dance and the Performing Arts was for me and in this I create great Performers. (because why would anyone want to watch someone that they cannot relate to or be moved by and all of us have emotions and carry emotions and this is what the Expressive Arts are and or Performing Art are about expressing oneself and finding healing and regulation in the activity of doing that. If you are looking for a Discipline then go do Gymnastics or...........anything which is more concerned about results and less the Mental and Emotional Health of the Performer because Art is about Expressing Emotions through the Activity of what we do its not about rules its about Health and the Science of Health and Movement which synergises toghether with the body to Form a balanced, and well regulated person and performer and true happiness in the Creative and Emotional Child or Adult. 

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