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Dancing Classes For Kids, Preteens Acrobatics, Hip Hop and Athletick Jumps Kicks and Turns (Tricking)


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Training needs to be Fun

We are dedicated to providing a training program that you can stick to because it is mentally engaging and fun. Whilst still been goal driven for fitness, strength, flexibility and Better Movement. Come Join the World of Creative Training.

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Our Different Adult Fitness  Classes

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Get to Know Laurie

Our goal is to make training fun and mentally engaging with no moments of boredom. At the core of our training is efficient movement using the understanding of Myofascial slings. to make movement easier, and freeing. With the ability to move better. confidence in oneself is achieved with time.
We serve those that DON'T DO GYM as GYM in itself is a functional form of training our training is firstly a Creative way of training for a function. Like Flexibility Strength Cardio but through Creativity. Our Creativity is through the mechanics of Dance and Dance is an art form, often classified as a sport, consisting of sequences of body movements with aesthetic and often symbolic value, and purposefully put together.
Our goal is for our place to be a safe place where you get to feel like you getting away from it all. A safe place to learn to laugh at ones self and to not take oneself seriously as the essence of learning is firstly in through feeling calm safe & anxiety free

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Laurie 076 577 9037

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