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Firstly we exercise because of the way it makes us feel and it makes us feel release, calm, regulation because we are stimulating the nervous system, life is too stressful too traumatic to not have another goal and purpose when partaking in the exercise activity of Dance.

Laurie's goal for all is for you to find peace and calm in Dance and the various activities of Dance. 

Everyone's form or style of activity of dance depends on the person. For Laurie she found all styles of dance and the activities therein each draw on the nervous system and calm in different ways, please read below to see what we have on offer and how you can receive the exercise benefits of Dance as well as the Calming effects of Dance on the Nervous System.

Dance  assists one in finding peace and calm with difficult emotions, and finding regulation within a traumatized Psyche.

Laurie is not a Psychologist or Recognized Art Therapist but has a childhood story background in experience in Trauma and partaking in the activity of Dance to find Regulation

After her diagnosis with Rheumatoid Arthritis she has become more educated in her private capacity on Art Therapy, and is currently studying towards a Expressive Arts Life Certification. 

Laurie has her teachers qualification in Dance, Group Exercise for Adults, and Water Aerobics

and a Two Year Diploma in the Performing Arts 

She has worked Professionally as a Dancer and has International Teaching Dance Experience in Canada and China. 

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It took me getting diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis to ask the necessary questions regarding my Health and How did I end up here. Answers like Trauma, Fight Flight Freeze Response. Dysregulation and Complex Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome come on research on what could have brought about such Dysfunction in my body.  It was through this study that I realized why I danced and why it was my life and then I realized why I never fitted into the Dance Fraternity and why it never made sense. as a Profession. It was because for me it was a place of escape it was a way of dealing with the emotions of Grief, Pain and Loss and it was a place that I found such joy and happiness. When I got involved with Dancing as a Career and Profession the essence of why I danced was lost and it took me getting diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis to start re-evaluating everything and it is through that that I find the real reason why I dance.  I found the Arts facilitated the expressive and emotional person that I was and why the Arts pulled on me.

This is what I teach now the true essence of what Dance and the Performing Arts was for me and in this I create great Performers. (because why would anyone want to watch someone that they cannot relate to or be moved by and all of us have emotions and carry emotions and this is what the Expressive Arts are and or Performing Art are about expressing oneself and finding healing and regulation in the activity of doing that. I install discipline firstly by getting the child or adult to find regulation in the activity which produces a love for the activity an understanding of why we do what we do and Discipline is no longer a chore but rather a love and a passion.

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